Disneyland Alone

Living only an hour and a half away from Disneyland I have been there many times over the years, but last week I did something I have never done before, I went to Disneyland by myself. Shock! How can someone go to the Happiest Place on Earth alone! Well it turns out it is pretty common! Before I decided to go, I did some research to see if I was some crazy person and it turns out I am not, well at least not for going to Disney alone.

I packed a backpack with my camera gear and some food( I find it nice to bring my own food so I can save money to get pins and other cool stuff) and hit the road. Of course I had Disney music blasting the whole way. I left early in the morning to beat the traffic and to get there right when the park opened. I was waiting in line and at 8:30 they started letting people in. I took my time taking pictures of the entrance and main street. Then we all gathered in the hub till 9:00 when they let everyone into the rest of the park. We all “walked” to whichever land we wanted to go to. I made my way to Space Mountain (HyperSpace Mountain at the time) and got a fastpass, then jumped on Star Tours. After that I headed to Fantasy Land and road some rides there.

This may sound unDisney but I was a little nervous to meet with the characters. I have mostly gone with kids and it’s easy with them but someone on their own can be kinda weird. Well let me tell you it was the best thing I have ever done! The characters were so amazing! So kind and welcoming. I knew they would be but still in the back of your head you worry.

So let me give you my top reasons for going to Disneyland alone:

#1 It is all about you! 

If you wanna ride a ride 10 times, you can! If you wanna eat 10 churros, you can! It doesn’t matter what you want to do because you can do it! I wanted to meet a lot of characters and so it did. I wanted to ride certain rides and so I did! It is great to get to make a day all about you!

#2 Single Rider Lines

So not every ride has a single rider lines but there are a few. Note: Soarin Around the World no longer has a single rider line!

  • California Screamin’
  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Radiator Springs Racers (this has its own line)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure (ask a cast member at the front of the ride)
  • Splash Mountain

My favorite to go on was Indian Jones, you enter through the exit and go up the elevators.

#3 Meet new people

So for all the other rides that you have to wait in line with everyone else you can take this chance to talk to new people. This is a hard one for me as I can be shy but it can be a lot of fun! Compliment people or just engaging in conversation can add a lot of magic to your trip.

#4 Have an adventure

Ride on rides you never have before, sit back and watch a show, talk to cast members! Disneyland is full of magic and joy!  Don’t be afraid to have an adventure and explore. Sometimes it can be lonely but fear not most of your trip will be amazing!

I think most people going to Disneyland alone love Disney so much that being alone is ok. It might fee different at first but you will love it.

If you have any questions just comment below!







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1 Response to Disneyland Alone

  1. I love this post! I’ve only been to Disneyland once, but I’m always in WDW and when I go I’m usually with friends! I think it would be such a different and fun experience to go alone and really focus on what I wanna do that day rather than pleasing others in a group!


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