Disneyland Alone

Living only an hour and a half away from Disneyland I have been there many times over the years, but last week I did something I have never done before, I went to Disneyland by myself. Shock! How can someone go to the Happiest Place on Earth alone! Well it turns out it is pretty common! Before I decided to go, I did some research to see if I was some crazy person and it turns out I am not, well at least not for going to Disney alone.

I packed a backpack with my camera gear and some food( I find it nice to bring my own food so I can save money to get pins and other cool stuff) and hit the road. Of course I had Disney music blasting the whole way. I left early in the morning to beat the traffic and to get there right when the park opened. I was waiting in line and at 8:30 they started letting people in. I took my time taking pictures of the entrance and main street. Then we all gathered in the hub till 9:00 when they let everyone into the rest of the park. We all “walked” to whichever land we wanted to go to. I made my way to Space Mountain (HyperSpace Mountain at the time) and got a fastpass, then jumped on Star Tours. After that I headed to Fantasy Land and road some rides there.

This may sound unDisney but I was a little nervous to meet with the characters. I have mostly gone with kids and it’s easy with them but someone on their own can be kinda weird. Well let me tell you it was the best thing I have ever done! The characters were so amazing! So kind and welcoming. I knew they would be but still in the back of your head you worry.

So let me give you my top reasons for going to Disneyland alone:

#1 It is all about you! 

If you wanna ride a ride 10 times, you can! If you wanna eat 10 churros, you can! It doesn’t matter what you want to do because you can do it! I wanted to meet a lot of characters and so it did. I wanted to ride certain rides and so I did! It is great to get to make a day all about you!

#2 Single Rider Lines

So not every ride has a single rider lines but there are a few. Note: Soarin Around the World no longer has a single rider line!

  • California Screamin’
  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Radiator Springs Racers (this has its own line)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure (ask a cast member at the front of the ride)
  • Splash Mountain

My favorite to go on was Indian Jones, you enter through the exit and go up the elevators.

#3 Meet new people

So for all the other rides that you have to wait in line with everyone else you can take this chance to talk to new people. This is a hard one for me as I can be shy but it can be a lot of fun! Compliment people or just engaging in conversation can add a lot of magic to your trip.

#4 Have an adventure

Ride on rides you never have before, sit back and watch a show, talk to cast members! Disneyland is full of magic and joy!  Don’t be afraid to have an adventure and explore. Sometimes it can be lonely but fear not most of your trip will be amazing!

I think most people going to Disneyland alone love Disney so much that being alone is ok. It might fee different at first but you will love it.

If you have any questions just comment below!







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Disney World Top 5 Restaurants!

Disney is known for having some amazing food and today I would like to talk about my top 5 Disney World restaurants. Disney World has so many amazing places to eat that it is hard to narrow down my top 5 but here we go! Note: This is just my personal list so you may disagree.

#5 50’s Prime Time Cafe (Hollywood Studios)

It is a blast from the past when you head over to 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. On my last trip to Disney World, October 2015, I went to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe for the first time and it was quite the experience. When you walk in it loos like you stepped onto the set of Dick Van Dyke or Leave it to Beaver. When Disney themes something they theme it! The seats and table all look like the were plucked out of the 50’s. Your water or waitress hands you your menus and tells you to set the table as you mom would have done. “Eat all your vegetables” is a phrase you will hear too as you finish you meal. When I went I had the chicken Cesar salad and it was really good. They have meat loaf, pot roast and some of the best fried chicken you will ever have! When it comes to theme and atmosphere 50’s Prime Time Cafe takes the cake.

A little funny story from when I went. I was there with my step mom and little brother, the waitress didn’t realize I was a brother and not Dad so she kept calling me dad but it was all in good fun.

#4 1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian Hotel)

If you want a character experience and love breakfast then you have to go to 1900 Park Fare ! It has to be the best breakfast buffet I have ever been too. Fresh fruit, waffles, eggs, bacon, puff pastries and the best guava juice! Sit back and enjoy a wonderful breakfast and as you eat Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice, Mad Hater, and Marry Poppins will stop by. They chat and sign you autograph books and take pictures. It is a great experience, even if you don’t have kids.  It is a wonderful setting and a great atmosphere. I would even say it is better than Mickeys Kitchen.

#3 ‘Ohana ( Polynesian Village Resort)

If you love BBQ, Polynesian theme, and amazing food then you must go to ‘Ohanas! All you can eat of the best pot stickers, wings, noodles followed by all you can eat grilled shrimp, chicken and steak. After you have completely filled your stomachs they bring out Bread Pudding à la mode with Bananas-Caramel Sauce and it is amazing! I am not a big bread pudding fan and I loved it. They also have mac and cheese for kids as well as a brownie dessert. I do recommend that if you or your kids are picky eaters this might not be the place you, $60 is a lot for mac and cheese! It is a fun place to eat that the whole family can enjoy and they also have some really great cocktails!

#2 Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant (Hollywood Studios)

One of my all time favorite restaurants and home of my favorite burger! The Sci-Fi Angus Burger, which is topped with Pulled Pork, Sriracha Barbecue Sauce, Swiss Cheese, and Pickled Apple Slaw, is out of this world! The food will fit any type of diet and is another example of great food at Disney. Not only is the food amazing but so is the theme. Step back into the past and get in your T-Bird style table and “Dine-In” as you watch old classic Sci-fi films in what looks like a drive in theater. It is such a fun experience that the whole family will enjoy, just make sure to get reservations soon as it fills up fast. If you have a large party you will want to have a reservation as walk ups will be very had to get.

#1 Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)

With out a doubt Be Our Guest is my favorite restaurant on the whole property! It is fun, magical, and has some of the best food.  Imagine dinning in the ballroom of the Beast’s Castle or in the forbidden West Wing! If you go for lunch it is more of a quick service but for dinner it is a regular sit down restaurant where the waiter will come to you.  If you are planning a trip to Disney World and want to go to Be Our Guest you must make reservations and you should do it at the 180 day mark. The chicken , steak and shrimp are all amazing and the Grey stuff is 100% delicious! I have also heard the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake is really good!

So these are my top 5 places to eat at Disney World. No matter what restaurant you go to reservation are a must ( this doesn’t include counter service). I also encourage people to share and sample each others food. Some people may not like that but my family find it a great way to try all the Disney food has to offer with out having to actually get everything on the menu. I hope this helps you when you plan your Disney World trip! Let me know what you think and some of your favorite places to eat in the comments below! Have a magical day!














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If you ever get stuck just call Tow Mater!! #cars #towmater #carsland #disney #disneypixar #pixar #californiaadventure #disneycaliforniaadventure #dca #disneyland #disneyland60 #disneylandresort #anaheim #california #vacation #familyvacation (at Carsland of California Adventure.)

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I am so glad I saw World of Color-Celebrate! I also can’t wait to see the regular World of Color next month! #worldofcolor #disneydiamondcelebration #disneylandresort #60thanniversary #diamondcelebration #disneyland60 #disneycaliforniaadventure #californiaadventure #dca (at World of Color @ Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park)

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I love that even Carthay Circle at Disney California Adventure got in the diamond celebration spirit! #carthaycircle #disneycaliforniaadventure #californiaadventure #dca #disney #disneyland #disneyland60 #diamondcelebration #60thanniversary #disneydiamondcelebration #disneylandresort

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I was watching Cars today and it made me want to be at Carsland! They did such a good job on it! #disney #disneyland #disneyresort #disneyland60 #disneycaliforniaadventure #californiaadventure #dca #cozycone #cars #carsland #disneypixar #disneyfood (at Disney California Adventure Park)

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Look what came today!!! I’m so excited just 23 more days! #magic #magicbands #magickingdom #epcot #hollywoodstudios #animalkingdom #wildernesslodge #disney #disneyworld #waltdisneyworld #wdw #orlando #florida

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This is why I love Disney so much! Amazing customer service! Can’t wait to go to Disneyland more!! #disneycustomerservice #guestrelations #disney #disneyland #disneyland60 #disneylandresort #socal #annualpass #disneylandannualpass #anaheim #california

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Beignets are a great dessert or breakfast or anything really! #disneyland #disney #disneyresort #downtowndisney #jazzkitchen #rbjazzkitchen #beignets #dessert #breakfast (at Rb’s Jazz Kitchen Downtown Disney California)

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One of my favorite rides and I was very impressed with the new Soarin! #disney #disneyland #disneyland60 #californiaadventure #disneycaliforniaadventure #dca #soarin #california #anaheim #vacation #familyvacation (at Disneyland/California Adventure)

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